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When you’ve been working in the beauty industry for a few years like myself, you will automatically gain respect for a clean and healthy canvas – the skin. There are many Youtube channels and Instagram profiles that show you how to cover up skin problems, but they often forget to mention that these cover-ups will do very little for your skin and might even worsen the problem. Skin care on the other hand, when used strategically, can even eliminate the need for a foundation or highlighter altogether. “

To be honest, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I started to invest in my own skincare routine. I would only use some moisturizer in the morning and some make-up wipes in the evening – that was it. Most of the times I even forgot these steps and would sleep with my make-up on. It wasn’t until skincare brands started to sent me products to test that I noticed what a difference different kinds of products made on my skin – while one product left my skin dry and flakey, other products gave me flawless and radiant skin. From this point on I started to look into different kinds of products and ingredients. With help of the blog by (Dutch) I found what my skin needed and what products would help it get better.

As I’m by no means an expert in skincare, I will not try and advice you on what products to use, I’d rather just show you what routine I use myself and hopefully inspire some to look into their own skincare routine.

A walk through my morning routine

Cleaning the skin
n the morning I cleanse my face in the shower, using Ibizaloe Cleansing Mousse. This gentle cleanser gives me a clean canvas in the morning and leaves my skin feeling soft (most cleansers give my skin a dry feeling). After washing your face, start with the thinnest product and work upwards. A thin product will not be able to get through a layer of product that is thicker, and you will just be wasting products.
Toning the skin
I like to use a toner after cleansing the face, the Uncover Toner by Jetske Ultee for dry skin in particular. Its main purpose is to prep the skin to more effectively absorb the following products. This toner also helps reduce pigmentation marks on the skin, a toner is a great addition to your skincare.

Moisturize the skin
When my skin is very dry, I like to use Egyptian Magic. Texture wise one can compare this product with coconut oil – it’s very oily and helps reduce dry patches. As I have a
combination skin (dry cheeks and oily T-Zone), I apply this on my cheeks and bring it down to my neck. I only put the tiny bit of  leftover on my hands on the area of the T-Zone so that it will not become to oily. As most people have an oily T-zone, working your moisturizing products from the outside inwards can be a big game changer. When me skin is normal, I like to use Decubel moisturizer, I often put some Dermalogica UltraCalming Calm Booster drops in this moisturizer. This booster is amazing for my skin.

For my eyes, I sometimes use the Dr. Organic Aloe Vera eyegel, and apply this with help of the Real Techniques Domed Applicator. This applicator works cooling when applying your eye creams and help reduce puffiness. Eye creme isn’t a necessity though – a good moisturizer should not contain any irritating ingredients and should be suitable for the eye area. What I really love to use are the Milu “I can’t believe your eyes” eyegels , these are amazing eye gels you can use under your eyes to hydrate and cool this area.

Protecting the skin
Next, during the winter, I use my Olaz Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF15 to protect my skin from sun damage. As I use exfoliants on my skin at night, I do not have any dead skin cells as a barrier. This makes it even more important for me to use SPF, even when it isn’t sunny outside.

During summer, I like to use an spf30 for my face. I now use the Biodermal Son Fluid. This helps protect the skin very nicely, when applied a few times a day.

A walk through my evening routine

Cleaning the skin
Whenever I’ve used make-up, I like to use a simple cleanser to take of most of the products left on my skin. Lancaster All in One Cleanser allows you to quickly take of most of the product with a cotton pad. After that, I cleanse my face with the Ibizaloe Mousse. Sometime, when I’ve used more ‘heavy duty’ foundations such as the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, I like to use my Clarisonic to give my skin a deep cleanse. The Ibizaloe works great with the Clarisonic, as the foam is very soft on the skin when using an exfoliating device.

Exfoliate the skin
Three times a week I use an exfoliant on my skin (not when I’ve used the Clarisonic, as this device also exfoliates). I absolutely love the Uncover Skincare Exfoliant for Dry skin, with 8% glycol acid this product gently removes dead skin cells and makes your skin more radiant. It also helps reduce pigmentation marks and makes large pores and wrinkles less visible. This product was a game changer for me as I have large pores on my T-zone.

When my skin is having a hard time, for example when it’s really cold outside or during holidays (and thus more alcohol intake), I like to use the products with antioxidants such as vitamin C + E. I love to use The Ibizaloe Serum in particular. Anti-oxidants are a treat for your skin as they help improve your skin significantly. Do note that anti-oxidants are named ant-oxidants for a reason – they vanish when they get in touch with oxygen. Product with anti-oxidants are often placed in the wrong packaging such as a jar, which allows oxygen to get in touch with the product every time you open it. Make sure that when you spent money on products containing antioxidants that they are placed in a packaging with a pump so oxygen cannot come near the product.

Hydrate the skin
Now let’s hydrate that skin – I love my Egyptian Magic to really hydrate my skin. As it is very oily it is not always suitable to use in the morning as it may leave my skin oily. However using it at night allows your skin to soak up al the oils without leaving you with an oily looking skin in the morning.

What’s your routine?

“After washing your face, start with the thinnest product and work upwards”


“Eye creme isn’t a necessity – a good moisturizer should not contain any irritating ingredients and should be suitable for the eye area. ”


“Working your moisturizing products from the outside inwards can be a big game changer”


Pictures by Karin van Berkel

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