LOTTE CONCEPTS is a freelance makeup artist who has been working in the industry since 2013.

After graduating from the University of Tilburg, she found a makeup artistry course in Tilburg and discovered her passion for make-up. She went on to pursue her love for beauty from that point on. Now, a few years later, she has been able to transform her passion into a professional career.

Over the years she has been published in numerous magazines such as Glamour Magazine, Linda Magazine, Elsevier Magazine, Huf Magazine, etc.

She worked on advertising campaigns in the Netherlands and internationally for brands such as Steps, Garcia, Uber, Goldie Estelle, Harper&Yve, Jacky M, Chptr-S, Merle Noir and many more.
Lotte has also had the pleasure of working for a variety of TV networks, such as NPO1/2/3, RTL4/RTL5, FOX and 24 Kitchen.

She prides herself on a professional approach and her ability to enhance each person’s beauty for the right medium - whether it's photography, tv or events.

Interested in a collaboration? Contact by e-mail at , or give her a call on 06 - 177 69 123.